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Personal Paper ShredderPersonal Paper Shredder: The only sure way to protect your privacy is to shred at the source - with a DestroyIt desk-side paper shredder. Cross-cut shreds compact more so you'll empty the shred bag less often, while the efficient strip-cut model shreds up 19 sheets at once.

All personal paper shredders have high-grade steel cutting heads to shred through paper clips and staples, and carry the same 5-year warranty as the largest DestroyIt paper shredder.
HIPAA Compliant

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Office Paper ShreddersOffice Paper Shredder: Maintain security throughout the office. Beside a copier these DestroyIt paper shredders will stop information leaks before they can start. All roll on casters for convenient sharing amount offices.

DestroyIt paper shredders models 2502 and 2603 feature a feed opening wide enough to handle a variety of documents, including continuous forms and stapled sheets. The 2603 model takes up to 27 sheets at once and sheds up to 30 feet per minute.
HIPAA Compliant

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Heavy Duty Paper ShreddersHeavy Duty Paper Shredder: The high capacity heavy duty paper shredder can shred up to 55 sheets at once (over 1000 lbs in an hour). These heavy-duty models save valuable work-time by starting and stopping automatically when shredding long runs of continuous forms. Shreds are collected in a plastic inside the cabinet to keep computer areas clean and dust-free.
HIPAA Compliant

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Industrial Paper ShreddersIndustrial Paper Shredder: The high capacity and industrial paper shredders are capable of shredding up to 3 ½ tons per hour. The DestroyIt 5009 is the machine of choice for corporate headquarters, government installations, shredding services-virtually any large facility that shreds confidential materials by the truckload. (Ask for a CD-ROM to see these shredding).
HIPAA Compliant

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Personal Paper Shredder

This model is popular with those who run their business from home. The DestroyIt personal paper shredder comes essentially in the cross-cut and strip-cut models. While the cross-cut model allows you to vacate your shred bag with less frequency, the strip-cut model is more efficient as it slivers up to 19 sheets at the same time. The DestroyIt 2400 strip-cut, with a feed opening at 9 and a half inches, can actually shred up to 22 sheets at one go.

The personal paper shredders are equipped with superior quality steel cutting heads which cut right through steel clips, pin, etc. All personal shredders come with a warranty of five years on their cutting heads, same as for the largest shredder.

Office Paper Shredder

This one is considered ideal for medium-sized businesses and departments. What is more, office paper shredders roll on casters enabling departments throughout the office to share them with ease.

If your office shreds numerous assorted documents then maybe you should look at the models 2502 and 2603 from the exotic DestroyIt stable. They come with expansive throats or feeds designed to guzzle any number of documents in all shapes or sizes, including continuous reams as well as stapled sheets. The 2603 model swallows up to 27 sheets at one go and is capable of cutting up to 30 feet of document by the minute.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

This weighty model has a really high turnover which can slice paper up to 55 sheets at any given time or 1000 lbs in an hour. They are precious time savers as start and stop on their own, automatically while shredding long, continuous reams.

The plastic inside the body of the commercial paper shredder collects the shreds. This ensures that the computer areas and your office remain free of dust as well as organized and neat.

Industrial Paper Shredder

This product – a real Colossus among commercial paper shredders – is a ‘must have’ in all industrial installations. This giant is capable of slicing gargantuan mounds – three and a half tons of paper et al for an hour.

For super large organizations like military outfits, government installations, multinational head officers, the best bet is the strip-cut DestroyIt 5009 which can shred more than 500 sheets at 26 to 46 feet per minute. This leviathan product runs on maximum 24 horse power and has been hailed for its efficiency.

The good news is that the five year warranty applies to all our products- from the smallest to the largest models. At DestroyIt we have the finest precision engineers from IDEAL which is synonymous with top-notch shredders in the market. Further proof of the superior quality of our products exists in the fact that they are certified by Underwriters Laboratories. What is more, our quality management system which is inclusive of all the company areas, has been certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001.

Paper Shredders Home » Commercial Paper Shredder

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