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Personal Paper Shredder: The only sure way to protect your privacy is to shred at the source - with a DestroyIt desk-side paper shredder. Cross-cut shreds compact more so you'll empty the shred bag less often, while the efficient strip-cut model shreds up 19 sheets at once. All personal paper shredders have high-grade steel cutting heads to shred through paper clips and staples, and carry the same 5-year warranty as the largest DestroyIt paper shredder. HIPAA Compliant

Office Paper Shredder: Maintain security throughout the office. Beside a copier these DestroyIt paper shredders will stop information leaks before they can start. All roll on casters for convenient sharing amount offices. DestroyIt paper shredders models 2502 and 2603 feature a feed opening wide enough to handle a variety of documents, including continuous forms and stapled sheets. The 2603 model takes up to 27 sheets at once and sheds up to 30 feet per minute. HIPAA Compliant

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder: The high capacity heavy duty paper shredder can shred up to 55 sheets at once (over 1000 lbs in an hour). These heavy-duty models save valuable work-time by starting and stopping automatically when shredding long runs of continuous forms. Shreds are collected in a plastic inside the cabinet to keep computer areas clean and dust-free. HIPAA Compliant

High Capacity Paper Shredder: The and industrial paper shredders are capable of shredding up to 3 ½ tons per hour. The DestroyIt 5009 is the machine of choice for corporate headquarters, government installations, shredding services-virtually any large facility that shreds confidential materials by the truckload. (Ask for a CD-ROM to see these shredding). HIPAA Compliant

Rely on every DestroyIt paper shredder for industrial-grade durability and the highest standards of quality.
We back our smallest DestroyIt paper shredder with the same 5-year warranty as our largest high capacity model, because every component is precision engineered from the finest materials and built to last. IDEAL has over 60 years' experience developing and manufacturing top quality paper shredders. Be assured, when you purchase your paper shredder from Shredder Depot you're buying direct from the factory-only from IDEAL

A Quality Management System including all company areas was certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. This certificate is our proof of superior product quality, technical support and service. All Destroyit models are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL Approved) and HIPAA Compliant.

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