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Selecting a Paper Shredder

Selecting the Right DestroyIt Shredder

Shredding at the source reduces the risk of confidential, sensitive information falling into the wrong hands and being, thereby, misused. Data theft is something that one can no longer ignore. It has become big business inviting relatively light punishment since data theft is still looked upon as a ‘white-collared’ crime.

Not too long ago, the EU was threatening the UK government with legal action for failing to protect its citizens’ personal data and information. In the US too, there are laws in place forcing companies to safeguard their employees’ confidential data. Small wonder shredding companies are running a thriving business.

Some paper shredders companies even offer to shred their clients’ data on the clients’ premises. The ‘waste’ is subsequently recycled (a great way of conserving the environment) wherever it is possible.

But paper isn’t the only thing you should be worried about. Electronic devices containing sensitive information have a way of becoming outmoded and obsolete with each technological upgrade. And with technology growing at an ultra fast pace, there is too much information floating around in outmoded computer disks, diskettes and CDs.

Clicking onto the hard drive of a relatively old computer can throw up information that allows thieves to thrive upon. Thefts have been known to occur just because of some old disks which were tossed rather carelessly into the garbage dump.

The dumpster is a volatile source of information for the unscrupulously greedy. So beware. Just shred all the sensitive data and you are safe.

Are you scouting around for a shredder? No fear, you have come to the right place. We are the best Paper Shredder Company around the globe. We will carry out the necessary assessment regarding your disposal needs for you. We will look into the all the departments in your business and evaluate the extent of waste material that gets thrown out every day. We will also carefully look into what you are seeking. Are you seeking something that is relatively low-cost, low-maintenance, and high capacity? Well, in that case you would do well by settling for the strip-cut paper shredder model which cuts up paper et al into very narrow ribbons which are unreadable.

But if, on the other hand, you are looking for something that allows for a lower frequency regarding vacating the shred bag, look no further than the cross-cut model. It cuts paper into tiny confetti that defies re-arrangement. The cross-cut paper shredder model also compacts well and takes up less space.

As we said, we have just the thing for you.

How to select the right DestroyIt paper shredder for your needs.

We will help you evaluate your disposal needs and assist you in selecting the right paper shredder. Consider which people or departments will need a shredder, and how much material they currently throw out each day.

You'll need to decide between strip cut and cross cut models. DestroyIt strip cut paper shredder shred documents into narrow, unreadable strips. They are low maintenance, high capacity and relatively inexpensive.

For greater security, we recommend the DestroyIt cross-cut paper shredder, which shred documents into tiny particles, making them impossible to reassemble. Plus, cross cut paper takes up less space, allowing your to empty the bin less frequently

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