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Worried about data theft? Well, you should be what with headline grabbing incidents that succeed in shaking us from our complacency every day. You could be a mortgage company outsourcing your services to another country in which case, how safe are loan details and other client data from unscrupulous elements across the shores? Or you could be running a business from home which involves clients who possess sensitive data.

Are you aware that normal shredding machines are not all that secure? Investigators can actually piece together cut up, sliced material and derive the requisite information. So how safe are you or your business, really? It is no exaggeration that in this day and age data theft as well as data integrity are the major – and probably the toughest – challenges faced by businesses. Theft of sensitive and proprietary information has been ranked as the third highest reason for causing irreparable losses to businesses and companies. Not too long ago, information theft cost Fortune 1000 companies $ 45 billion. All over the world, no less than 1.4 million businesses have suffered monetary losses.

The time to get into action is now. And, very fortunately for you, we have just the product to meet your needs. You can choose from any number of DestroyIt and Olympia shredder models. There is a plethora to choose from: Personal Paper Shredder, Office Paper Shredder, Home Office Paper Shredder, Medium Duty Paper Shredder, Light Duty Paper Shredder, Heavy Duty paper shredder, GSA Paper shredder, Industrial Paper Shredder etc among others.

So before you think of throwing your company data into the trash can STOP! You now have a choice. We would like to assure you that all our products are of a very high quality made as they are by the best engineers in the world. It is also our policy not to share confidential, personal, financial or private information with any individual or institution, organization or business.

We would also like to assure you that when you buy paper shredder from Shredder Depot you become eligible for our superior services. Just inform us about your problem and we will send a technician over by the next 48 hours if you are anywhere in the United States

You can contact us at any time of the day to get top quality paper shredder products.


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